Hopi Ear candles used to benefit a variety of ear related conditions


  Hopi Ear Candles


   The Biosun candles are hollow and made of honey linen and beeswax they can be

   combined with a variety of herbal extracts. They are placed at the entrance to   

   the ear. (not inside) When the candle is burning the movement of the flame

   creates a gentle vibration on the ear drum with a light suction action generating a 

   massage like effect this causes an increase in the circulation and cleaning of

   the lymph glands




Key Benefits


   The Hopi Ear candles are so gentle they can be used on young children for

   conditions such as glue ear and other mucus related conditions. For older patients 

   it can benefit those with excessive ear wax and hearing problems.  Headaches, 

   migranes, sinusitis, Catarrh, Sore Throats, colds and flu.

   Hopi Ear Candles may help reduce the noise of tinnitus and with balancing fluid in

   the ear drum with conditions such as Menier's Disease.


   Cost  45 mins = £25.00